Update 1.1.3 - January 30 2018  (Read 1385 times)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed medics unable to enter vehicles after server refresh if they had a stretcher on them
  • Fixed medics able to spawn with police officer's skins and vice versa after /spawn
  • Fixed donators receiving "bonus" on negative exp value
  • Fixed players being told to provide CPR on patients with inflated lungs in the medic menu
  • Fixed players being able to pull over ambulances which often resulted in frozen medic players thinking what they done wrong in their life to deserve such a thing

General Improvements

  • Adjusted patient heart beats to a realistic number (60 - 100 BPM is now average)
  • Increased Pay 'n' Spray price from 15$ to 35$
  • Increased vehicle repair kit price from 0$ to 35$ at vendors as well as spike strips from 0$ to 20$
  • Vehicle repair kits rank requirement upped by 1, first kit now requires rank 3 instead of 2 and second requires 5 instead of 4
  • Improved spikestrip's collisions as well as rewrote the hit detection script, it should be 100% reliable now, if you see one vehicle pass without a confirmed hit please report it to me so I can increase the collision size
  • Gold donators now have unlimited inventory weight

New Features

  • Added a elevator script which teleports player from point A to point B
  • New callout added: Drug Overdose (medics)

SAPD:FR Mod Installer

  • Seperated each mod into it's own folder category, from now on vehicles will only work if they're placed in the "vehicles" folder, same for skins, weapons, etc.
  • Added ability to install TXD hack by placing their images into the "txdhack" folder, installation steps explained here
  • Fixed "firetruck" mod name to "firetruk", thanks to @Caracatus1 and @Nick  for reporting this
  • Updated readme
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Hotfix update January 30 2018:

- Fixed TXD Hack shader giving D3D9 error which resulted in a lot of script warnings and TXD hack not loading.