Remove ability of the suspect attacking you with a weapon after frisking.  (Read 2161 times)
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Suggestion: Remove the ability for suspect to attack you with a weapon after frisking as frisking should take all the objects away from the subject.

Why should this be added?: Once you frisked them, they shouldnt be able to draw a gun out of nowhere since you already took all the items away (unless you somehow missed that one object).

Anything else you'd like to add?:

unless you somehow missed that one object.
This sounds good, what if the frisking doesn't take away all the items. You can sometimes miss some of the items (example guns) which gives the ped the chance to still pull it out and start shooting.

What I think would be a sort of win-win, is leave the fristing script the way it is, but add the ability to "restrain" the suspect. I know there isn't any animations for handcuffing, but have it so that it acts like they are cuffed. the anim isn't really required

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Animation depicted was added by SAMP developers and is not part of either GTA SA or MTA

Added cuffing option in 1.2.4 which will block the peds from attacking you.

Moved to accepted.