Break, Tail and Head light Issues  (Read 106 times)
Bug Title: concisely state what the bug pertains to:  Break Lights Stop Working/Cant turn lights and tails on without primary and secondary lights on constantly
Description: what exactly is happening that should not be this is where you should be descriptive and specific: The break lights stop working when u turn on primary and secondary lights when you first log in. Once the primary and secondary lights are on you cant just turn them off you also need to turn off head and tail lights as well.
How can we reproduce the bug?: steps on how to make this happen again so staff can properly identify what is happening and potential causes/fixes: Log in, turn on lights and the break lights stop working.
Screenshots/Video: sometimes words are not the easiest way to describe things - screenshots and/or video is always appreciated: you would need to use the server to understand.
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Can you take out the (( )) like in the pinned topic please.

Try again

Like in the pinned topic please.

Tested, couldn't reproduce. There are some rare occurances where lights don't start, if so just use /lights (might need to use it twice) and it should be resolved.

EDIT: Managed to cause it once a while ago, still can't find a way to reproduce it. Until I do I'll leave this topic here.
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