Invisible Barrier Bug Bone County  (Read 132 times)
Bug Title: (( concisely state what the bug pertains to )) A invisible barrier on highway going west near hunter quarry
Description: (( what exactly is happening that should not be? this is where you should be descriptive and specific ))When towing a car, the car would stop and glitch and has trouble passing
How can we reproduce the bug?: (( steps on how to make this happen again so staff can properly identify what is happening and potential causes/fixes )) Tow a car going west down the highway in front of hunter quarry before the fort carson/hunter quarry sign
Screenshots/Video: (( sometimes words are not the easiest way to describe things - screenshots and/or video is always appreciated ))

Checked both travel lanes, both shoulders, and the unpaved median found no issues. Video will be uploaded
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In that case it's more than possible that the vehicle somehow gotten frozen, did you try re attaching it to your towtruck? Should force to unfreeze it again. video of the issue

Unable to reproduce. In addition this seems more like a MTA:SA issue rather than script issue as I can't think of anything in the script that could actually be blocking this.

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