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Account name:

For how long have you been playing SAPD:FR Online?:
I played Sapdfr since it released

For how long are you able to play at the server daily?:
1-2 hours

For how long are you able to play at the server weekly?:
I can play from Tuesday-Sunday
Tell us a bit about yourself (100 words min):

My name is Jacob but you all know me as 2k16 or 2k . I am sixteen years old and I am in highschool. I started playing SAPD:FR  since it came out and that's how I started the youtube channel . Also I used to Sapdfr on the Palm Beach Gaming server.My favorite sports are  basketball ,soccer and football. In my spare time I play video games ,sleep and read books.My favorite video games are Call of Duty WW2, GTA V , NBA 2k18, GTA 4 and GTA San Andreas.My favorite books are the Hunger Games Series, Twilight,Lord of the Flies and Mice and Men.

Why should we pick you among the other candidates? (100 words min):

You should pick me among the candidates because I can speak English and I can help players who are new to the server . Also I know how the system works and I can help players if they have issues with their games . If I become a helper I will make sure that everyone is treated right. Since I am a youtuber I can make tutorial video for the new players and to show them how the server works and the rules . Usually when I am online when there is always that one new player who ask question and I will answer and explain the rules to the new player .

Have you ever been kicked/warned/banned or punished in any sort of way by the staff team?:

If so, why?:
Because I follow the rules .

Do you agree to follow the rules at all times, even when nobody is around you?:
Yes I agree.
Do you agree to treat all players equivalent despite of the relations you might have with them?:
Yes I agree
Is there anything else you would like to add?:
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Dear 2k16,

Thank you for your interest in applying to become a part of the Advanced Gaming Staff Team as a Helper. This is a notification that your application has been received and is currently undergoing a thorough review process. Therefore, your application's status is ultimately set as PENDING.

Please allow up to 1 week for the thorough review process to go through. After the review process has finished, you will then receive an answer with the outcome of your application.

Advanced Gaming Management.

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Dear 2k16,

The thorough review process has finished and the outcome of your application has been determined.

Your application has been officially DECLINED.

Following reasons being:
  • English grammar is not up to standards.

You CAN NOT apply again until the next batch of Staff applications opens.

Advanced Gaming Management.
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