Jurisdiction zones  (Read 658 times)
Now we have a little problem on server, everybody patrols LS only. My suggestion is to do a jurisdiction zones where players will recieve a little more exp and money for callouts and suspects. Forexample, deputy of Bone County Sheriff will have a little more exp for arresting suspects and going on callouts in Bone County area. Donnow how to explain it better in english. Due to small server online now, you could release it in next updates, not in close ones.

This has been in our plans for a while but has been set as low priority as it's not as important as some other things we have to do. Fear not however that does not mean we will not add it, thanks for the suggestion.

Jurdisictions attached to the new patrol zone system in 1.0.24, it'll stay linked only to the patrol zone system as we don't want to limit player's freedom in terms of doing things.