Realistic airhorn + siren  (Read 1944 times)
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This sound files aren't mine.
The owner is "greathgl's"

SAAT download:

1. Open "SAAT" > SFX > GENRL > Bank-068 >>
                                       > For principal and secondary siren replace > sound_011.wav (principal)
                                                                                                     > sound_012.wav (secondary)
This are airhorn's that I've installed. I don't know if they work for Van, Cheetah, Bike...
                                                              If you want to install this for another car first export the sound so you have the original one and than install the airhorn.
                                        > For airhorn replace > sound_003.wav ( LS, SF police car)
                                                                       > sound_005.wav (Rancher)
                                                                       > sound_008.wav (LV police car)

-Sorry for my bad english-

Was expecting the MLG air horn. Sad face.