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I don't know why was I banned.. I came after a long time of not playing on the server, I choose medic role, and later I crashed, I came back on the server and choose police, red county, I played a while, I was partnering a cadet, (that cadet was acting weird, it just died from no where, same as a npc that was close) and it just kicked me out of the server saying "Permanently banned by bl3ster" or something.. :'(
I think I was banned by a hacker / exploiter. I really enjoy playing on your server, and I would never break any rules, (unless abusing caps in the past) I apolagized my 'caps'. I'm sorry for that.
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Please update your appeal thread with the correct format, failure to do so in the next 24 hours will automatically deny the appeal.

In addition to that, if you wish to see more in regards of your ban, please read this report thread.

Verdict will be given once (and if) the thread is updated with the format.