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Account name: DenizK6107

Age: 13

Country: Turkey

Timezone(GMT): GMT +2 Timezone

For how long have you been playing SAPD:FR Online?: Two / Three

For how long are you able to play at the server daily?: Min One Hour - Max Two Hour.

For how long are you able to play at the server weekly?: Only Weekends ( But Start Friday Night )

Tell us a bit about yourself (100 words min): Hi , İ am Deniz. İ am from turkey. İ am Thirteen years old. İ have very good english as you see. İ am play samp and mta. İ know Visaul Basic coding. İ love this server too. İ now the pc very much. İ love cop games too. And i become a staff in a server , i now the rules. İ dont break rules. İ , am very polite. İ dont use swear words ANY time. İ dont love swear. İ peace all humans. İ peace church , cami (İ am muslim but i love all humans )... İ love animals too. İ am hardworking secondary school student. So enough of that because I think there is ; always write the same things, and if not I'll be stopped. Have good day admins

Why should we pick you among the other candidates? (100 words min):

Have you ever been kicked/warned/banned or punished in any sort of way by the staff team?: No , i dont. All is love me.

If so, why?: -

Do you agree to follow the rules at all times, even when nobody is around you?: Yes , i do.

Do you agree to treat all players equivalent despite of the relations you might have with them?: Yes i do.

Is there anything else you would like to add?: Yes , please accept this , i love this server , and i see some rule breakers, generally no moderator in game. Someone swearing ... İ am here for block all. Thanks , Advanced Gaming admins.
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Dear DenizK6107,

The thorough review process has finished and the outcome of your application has been determined.

Your application has been officially DECLINED.

Following reasons being:
  • Below the age requirement.
  • English is not up to standards.
  • Incorrect title.
  • Did not reach the word requirement.
  • Lack of effort.

You CAN NOT apply again until the next batch of Staff applications opens.

Advanced Gaming Management.