Minor model reload bug  (Read 137 times)
Bug Title: Model reloading
Description: When I reloaded models (specifically, models installed via the server's installer) using Numpad 1 while /afk, they spawned in the non afk world
How can we reproduce the bug?: I had previously had default server mods on (I know, I know...) and went AFK. The server auto-kicked me off the main world and into the afk zone. I had came back and before typing /afk to get back into the real world I reloaded my models. My car spawned in the real world while I stayed in the afk world. Also, I had kept the default vehicle mods button checked and it loaded my custom model.
Screenshots/Video: If needed please ask

To be fair writing a code for the /afk zone that has absolutely no other intention than actually placing people afk is not really needed, especially considering that the model reload is not even intended for afk people.

Ya true i just noticed it so figured I'd post