[Event - 02/12/2017] RCSD Patrol  (Read 714 times)
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Red County Sheriff Department Public Patrol Event
December 02 2017, Saturday, 21:00 GMT+1

Ran By: @Blast3r
Dispatch: @Blast3r or @goober5198 or @Mafia


Red County was the winner on last event's vote on which Sheriff Department we're going to go with for this weekend's patrol. So, just like the previous patrol events, it will be ran through Discord's voice channel therefore attendance on Discord is required to be in the event microphone, however, is not. In case you don't have a microphone you can respond via the in game chat. We've already made some updates to the medic system that we can't wait to test on the main server, we're quite happy to say that the medic system is actually shaping up nicely and is slowly getting ready for it's final release at the date that we teased on Discord. To join the event just simply come to the RCSD's HQ for a brief on December 2, Saturday, 21:00 GMT+1.

Hope to see you there,
Advanced Gaming Management