Update 1.0.27 - November 11 2017  (Read 1679 times)
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some vendors not working properly (markers weren't triggered)
  • Fixed ~20% of objects not created in all dimensions for the interior system

General Improvements

  • Added more parked vehicles around the San Fierro & Los Santos area
  • Added 1 more location to the Armored Truck Robbery callout (San Fierro)
  • Added 3 more locations to the Armed Robbery callout (1x Blueberry, 2x San Fierro)
  • Added a new impound point at Angel Pine
  • Added a system message (TIP) that warns all players to speak English in global chat
  • Added a new badge (logo) for the SFPD at the spawn menu & the vehicles, it's based on the IRL one now
  • Removed the ELS shader as it was dropping FPS for ~90% of the users, most of which weren't aware that the ELS setting was doing so

New Features

  • Added illegaly parked cars, these have a rare chance to spawn during script's start/restart at various locations around Los Santos and San Fierro for now (more to be added in the updates), towtruck units will be given exp once they impound these vehicles
  • Added tuned vehicles which have a really low chance of spawning, at the moment they only support different color patterns than usual and car wheels, later on it will most likely be expanded to more parts as well as engine upgrades that will make them accelerate / drive faster


  • Fixed a missing door at the Alhambra interior
  • Added a new map for the Angel Pine impound lot
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Additional update November 11 2017:

  • Callouts are now called more frequent on higher playerbases