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So, today I was playing in the server with some new cadet's, now I have no problem playing with new comers in fact, I was even offering for them to be my partner so they wouldn't have to patrol on a bike, however the problem arises when these new members don't speak any English. Me and one of the new non-English speaking members went to the scene of an assault and I was being attacked by a suspect at which time I was telling my new comer partner to press F1 to use taser, we also were trying to tell him to do /els, /spawn etc,etc however seeing as he didn't speak any English he could not understand us and I proceeded to get attacked by the suspect while the new cadet tried beating the suspect with his fist's. luclky there were other players that understood the situation that were able to come to my aid. now in this case it wasn't a big deal but if it keeps up it could prove to be problematic in the future, if people can't understand what we're saying then we will have no back up and we'll be in a lobby full of people that can't efficiently help their fellow officers so in turn are doing nothing but dropping our fps. this is why I'm proposing that we script a small, basic English language test/check into the registration process of our server to avoid such things from happening in the future. now, I'm aware that we do have people in our group that can't speak English 100% correctly, I'm not saying that this test has to exclude them from the server or that the test has to be very hard, just a basic test to make sure people can at least speak basic English and communicate properly. so we're not sitting here calling for back up and getting no response.

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As much as we understand that some non English speaking players can be hard to deal with I must say that we're not willing to add something like this.

We want everyone to be able to play in the server, we don't want to count someone out just because they can't speak English. Therefore as long as a player that joins follows the rule of not speaking non English languages in global chat they are more than welcome.