[Event - 04/11/2017] SAHP Public Patrol  (Read 1083 times)
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SAHP Event Public Notice

Ran by: @goober5198
Dispatch: @Blast3r or @Mafia or @MasterAfter


San Andreas Highway Patrol Organisation is happy to announce that a public patrol event will take place on Saturday November 4 2017 at 21:00 GMT+1. This event will allow everyone to patrol with the team, even if they're not in the SAHP and let them have a taste of what SAHP is all about. Event will be held through Discord voice chat, microphone is not required but attendance on Discord is required as everything will be ran by a Dispatch. Acting Dispatch unit will most likely be Blast3r but if Blast3r is not available replacement will be either Mafia or Master_After. Entire event will be supervised by the SAHP Comissioner goober5198 and any sort of bad behaviour will be dealt with right away. As the event start approaches the staff team will make an announcement via the in game announcement command and everyone will have to report to the SAHP HQ. In case you're late for the event start, don't worry, just grab a car, head to the highway and join the Discord channel.

Hope to see you there,
San Andreas Highway Patrol High Command
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Nice !

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I want to thank everyone who came out to this event! It was fun