Blueberry Wellstack Pizza Bug  (Read 138 times)
[a]Bug Title:[/b] (( concisely state what the bug pertains to )) Blueberry Wellstack Pizza Bug

Description: (( what exactly is happening that should not be? this is where you should be descriptive and specific )) Kitchen interior disappears and weird red smoke all at Wellstack Pizza in Blueberry

[c]How can we reproduce the bug?:[/b] (( steps on how to make this happen again so staff can properly identify what is happening and potential causes/fixes )) Go in the door way and a part of the kitchen interior will disappear and if you go behind the building there is red smoke and small clouds of white steam coming out of the ground.

[d]Screenshots/Video:[/b] (( sometimes words are not the easiest way to describe things - screenshots and/or video is always appreciated ))

I was unable to reproduce this, are you still getting this bug?

EDIT: Considering half of your objects didn't load I'd say this is a streaming issue, what are your computer specs?