Update 1.0.26 - October 28 2017  (Read 1617 times)
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a major bug in the Armed Robbery callout that was spamming the script and therefore crashing the server
  • Fixed the zone dxdraw being out of place on some resolutions

General Improvements

  • Added 3 new locations to Armed Robbery callout: LS Donut Store, Vinewood Gas Station & Dillimore's Gas Station, P.S we hired a Cadet to work as a clerk in the Donut Store, hopefully we'll increase it's protection that way
  • Going AFK now disables your backup beacon if it's active
  • Re positioned the Bone County vendor, it's no longer inside of the wall, he even has his own desk now, yay!
  • Armed Robbery callout victims (clerks) are now automatically deleted after 2 minute time to prevent them spawning on top of each other
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Added on October 29 2017 as part of 1.0.26 update:

- Fixed zone dxdraw being out of place on some resolutions.