Update 1.0.25 - October 16 2017  (Read 1932 times)
Note: This update will go live on October 17 2017:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Domestic Disturbance callout giving negative exp when killing the suspect instead of neutral suspect exp reward
  • Fixed /despawn not working for prisoner transport units
  • Fixed an exploitable exp bug in the patrol zones
  • Fixed an error that occured with the new patrol zones code (was not giving any bugs though)
  • Fixed Armored Truck callout not making the vehicles damageproof for the first 2 seconds (anti explosion prevention)

General Improvements

  • Donator status is now seperated from player's level, this means that a donating admin can have the donator perks and admin stats at the same time
  • Pay 'n' Spray is now free for Silver+ donators
  • Added /setdonator rank for Community Manager+ which is connected to the new donator system
  • Moved LS & LV vendors to the new interiors
  • Added new vehicle models for FBI Rancher and Merit

New Features

  • Added enterable interiors - This consists of GTA:SA singleplayer interiors that were converted into the GTA:SA world by Flower_Power. These work the same as the interior system on GTA IV and GTA V does, enter it from the world, no teleporting and that things and will allow us to expand SAPD:FR Online by a lot in terms of callouts and adding actions to police precints
  • Added a new callout Armed Robbery - It's based on the new interior system and it's currently only available at two locations, Unity 24/7 & Idlewood Pizza Stacks, more locations will be added in the upcoming updates


got me so stoked!

Hotfix update on 25 October 2017:

- Fixed FPS drops with prisoner transport that mainly occured during the Armed Robbery callout, this seems to have been the cause for server crashes as well
- Discord's api (feature for admins) now starts by default when the server restarts