Update 1.0.24 - October 9 2017  (Read 1227 times)
Note: This update will be live on Monday, October 9 2017.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed /despawn not working with towtrucks
  • Fixed a script warning that appeared during player spawning and was possibly bugging walkingstyles

General Improvements

  • Central chat is hidden while the F11 map is active from now on
  • Added 3 new locations for the Suspicious Vehicle callout (2 in Las Venturas, 1 in Los Santos) + 1 more possible rare occurance
  • Pay 'n' Spray now costs 15$, this is just the beginning of adding money expenses
  • Completely rewritten the patrol zone system, from now on it's no longer based onto entering a marker, instead it's an entire zone in which you can type /patrol to start a patrol. Each zone is marked with a green square on the minimap only once you're inside it and they are a lot bigger now. In addition to that, they no longer set you as "out of service" when you start a patrol meaning you can recieve callouts while patroling. To top it all off, each zone is assigned to a jurdisiction meaning that LSPD units won't be able to patrol zones inside of LV, RC, etc.