[Appeal - #0012] Donald  (Read 403 times)
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Username: Donald

Date of ban: Unknown

Reason for ban: Administrator decision is final.

Duration of ban: Permanent
Why do you believe you need a second chance: Since it has been a while ago, i've changed and i wont be annoying against

Which administrator banned you: Blast3r
Additional notes: Hope ya forgive me,  it hurts that i cant play this server.
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I have had way too many issues with you prior to this ban and I don't feel like going through them again,

Ban Appeal Denied

Locked & Archived.

As an addition to the answer, do not post a ban appeal again until November the 2nd - 02/11/2017. If you do post a ban appeal before the date mentioned, your punishment will be extended and you will be restricted to appealing the ban further.

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