Mods does not work ;-;  (Read 856 times)
I'm doing everything what was written here:
Everything should be good but it is not...
Screenshot from C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\mods\deathmatch\resources\SAPDFRMods\files  and vehicle ID`s list:
I also tried with copcarls.dff and .txd and noffing.
Car from "Toronto Police Service Pack" Ford Taurus.
Does anyone he could record on Youtube film on which shows how to install such a mods?
Sorry for any errors. Translated into Google Translate.

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make sure the file is copcarla.txd/.dff, not copcarls

make sure the file is copcarla.txd/.dff, not copcarls
Still nothing.
Once worked how i had 596.dff/txd when I do not even remember did i have enabled whether disabled server models I went to the toilet and how did i come back was a model but white without police paint. after switching on again game this model did not work anymore.

When in game use /settings and uncheck everything and that will fix everything.

Mods work :D Delete this topic Nick