Update 1.0.23 - September 10 2017  (Read 1581 times)
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed flag blips for towtruck units not being deleted sometimes after a vehicle is towed
  • Fixed an occurance in which the NPCs would lose their walking style and therefore convert to CJ's walking style which would make them faster

General Improvements

  • Synced server time, now all of the players should see the same time of day
  • Increased duration of one minute from one second to twenty seconds to increase day/night cycles
  • Added more possible NPC names
  • Central chat is no longer displayed during the spawn selection screen
  • Removed motion blur as requested by players
  • Units requesting towtruck will be notified from now on when a player towtruck unit is on duty

New Features

  • Added ability to despawn your backup units using /despawn (this'll help in case a unit is stuck)
  • Added /commands (alternative: /cmds) which will display all available commands in a GUI
  • Added an anti spam system (this has been live for a two weeks already but was never noted in changelogs)
  • Added ability to check for driver's license during traffic stops, drivers without licenses will be valid arrests