LAPD vechicles pack  (Read 1695 times)
When I started to play on this server I looked for good textures of vehicles for LSPD on this forum. I didn't found anything so I collected it from my favorite modding websites. All cars are HQ and looking great in x32 resolution and with default server vechicle shaders. Fully working with server ESL.

1) Police LS:

2) Police SF:

3) Police LV:

4) Police Van:

5) Police Ranger:

Download Link:

copcarla, copcarsf, copcarvg: Doomer
copcarru: Fixer
topfun: Unknown

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Copcarru is Fixer's.

Copcarru is Fixer's.
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The van I guess would either be Automan's or Birdie's (_F_ or whatever). Not sure who that belongs to for sure though. I would guess Automan if I had to choose one. Also, your vehicles.txd could benefit from this Granted, that's from a year ago and I've updated mine slightly, but I don't think I've released any mods that use the updated one. I sure as hell hope not lol

Download broken!
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