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Username: xXJAIROVYXx

Date of ban: I don't remember the date very well but I think it was last year

Reason for ban:Impersonating Member Staff

Duration of ban: Permanet

Why do you believe you need a second chance:I only did it for fun, it was not my intention nor was it in my idea to say that I pretend to be a boy2 saying that I was going to ban or kick someone from the server, I regret what I did and I promise not to do it again (I have been more than a year without being able to enter the server, the server that took away my boredom)

Which administrator banned you:Chico2
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Ban appeal DECLINED.

The ban wasn't issued a year ago. I'm going to put a three months cooldown on your next appeal. You can attempt to appeal again 30/10/2020.

Keep in mind if you appeal before the mentioned date, your right to appeal the ban will be removed completely.