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Suggestion: Use the right and left mouse click to turn on the flashing lights, instead of the "," and the "." Why? It will be much more comfortable and wouldn't hamper the player's driving.

Why should this be added?: It would make it easier for you to use this feature.

Anything else you'd like to add?: No.

When playing the game, I use a game controller along with the keyboard and therefore not ever the mouse. I'm thinking a lot of other players also use this same method. I'm not familiar with any of the mouse controls via driving any vehicle in this game, but maybe adding support for the mouse could be done, but certainly not disabling the ',' and '.' keys because I'm sure a lot of other players would depend on it
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/bind key indicator left
/bind key indicator right

^ if those don't work then

/bind key indicator_left
/bind key indicator_right

not sure if MTA will recognize the spacing in bindKey without the _
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