Update 1.0.0 - December 17 2016  (Read 1262 times)
Changelog for update 1.0.0 which will be live on our official release on Saturday December 17 2016 - 19:00 GMT+2:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed medics not healing injured non-playable characters (NPCs) & players.
  • Fixed non-playable character's (NPC's) ID returning results as "false".
  • Fixed an issue in which Non Player Characters (NPCs) would get out of their vehicle during a traffic stop.
  • Fixed an issue which would display occupants as 0 when a police pursuit would start.
  • Fixed Non Player Characters (NPCs) barely moving after being released from a traffic stop.
  • Fixed Non Player Characters (NPCs) backup such as Medic and Fire being stuck in the ground after spawning.
  • Fixed an issue in which peds that spawn in vehicles wouldn't get set with proper data resulting in multiple issues in terms of interacting with them.

Non Player Characters (NPCs) / AI

  • Male Non Player Characters (NPCs) will no longer get assigned female walking animations, in addition females also get more appropriate animations.
  • Greatly improved Non Player Characters (NPCs) behaviour during the pursuits. They are no longer glued to the ground and they will no longer instantly turn and instantly stop if obstructed.
  • Slightly improved Non-Player Character (NPC) vehicle spawning, they should no longer spawn directly in front of a speeding player and should cause less FPS drops on low end PCs.
  • Greatly improved Non Player Characters (NPCs) driving speed around counties - they no longer drive 40 km/h everywhere.

General Improvements

  • Completely changed the ranking structure to a more realistic one. Sheriff Departments and Police Departments use different structures.
  • Towtrucks should no longer tow wrong vehicles, from now on player has to right click on the vehicle they want towed.
  • ELS lights can no longer be activated if you are not in a vehicle.
  • Changed spawning weapons, they are based on ranks now.
  • Updated the skin selection with new ranks and it's matching skins.
  • Added ability to accept and deny calls with buttons X and N.
  • Added a new login song.
  • Central's chat color is now green if the answer is directed to you, gray if it's directed to another player. This way it will be easier to keep up with central if multiple players are using it.
  • Added a new female officer skin.
  • Removed /unmod interceptor as option as it is no longer neccessary with the new police vehicle mods.
  • Peds that are equipped with illegal items such as drugs, marijuana, etc. are considered as valid arrest from now on.
  • Decreased Shotgun's damage as it was way too over powered.
  • Removed rapid shooting from Desert Eagle as it was pointless and rather over powered.
  • Added 30 new patrol zones around San Andreas.
  • Added different vehicle shaders for different departments (example: Spawning as San Fierro's officer will display San Fierro Police Department, Sheriff as Sheriff, etc.)
  • Placing a subject into your vehicle will now remove the detain marker
  • Updated the looks of the markers, they're much more appealing to the eye now.
  • Assault callout no longer spawns peds inside of each other.
  • Peds on assault callout may decide to run away.
  • Added a new callout: gang brawl.

New Features

  • Added a new UI which displays player's rank, rank progress, department, unit number and vehicle.
  • Added new custom player nametags that show player's department, rank and name above their name.
  • Added new low poly mods which edit current GTA:SA vehicles.
  • Added ability for players to play in 6 different departments. Each has a seperate progress therefore saves their rank progress in it.
  • Added a new menu which can be accessed by pressing F1, it lets players set chat colors, disable/enable default mods, set their language, etc.
  • Added new scoreboard.
  • Added a new backup menu which can be accessed by pressing B.
  • Added a new meni which can be accessed by right clicking on a vehicle, it has the ability to call a towtruck on that vehicle as well as to request the vehicle's information.
  • Added ability to start up the mouse cursor by pressing M.
  • Added NPC based prisoner transport, if no player prisoner transport units are available the script will dispatch NPC transport units to you and take away the suspect. This way cadet rank can also get exp for arrest (which they were unable to get before as it was fully dependable on you having access to a police cruiser)


  • Added Croatian, German, Polish and French.
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