Update 1.0.22 - August 6 2017  (Read 1566 times)
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed traffic stop markers not being accessible on smaller four door vehicles if passangers in the back seat were present
  • Fixed a rare issue in which armored truck robbery vehicles would blow up after spawning
  • Fixed ELS issues for partners, should select the right vehicle now
  • Fixed suspect's walking style sometimes being reset back to CJ's causing them to be too fast for players

General Improvements

  • Towtruck units will no longer recieve callouts
  • Added more parked vehicles around the Los Santos vicinity
  • Towtruck units are now colored yellow on the minimap and the F11 map
  • Armored Truck Robbery & Suspicious Vehicle callout vehicles will be marked as legitimate tows and will therefore give experience when towed
  • Added /blowup command for Administrators as requested by @Nick , unlike the admin panel's one this one will actually kill the player