Ban appeal  (Read 25 times)
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Username UngratefulSatan

Date of ban: Can't remember

Reason for ban: Racism | Insulting staff

Duration of ban: Permanent.

Why do you believe you need a second chance (50 words minimum): I was pretty fucking retarded maybe i just should use my brains next time before i scream racist things around the server, i pretty much enjoyed it playing on that server having fun with friends  and than i just fucked up when chico told me quit it i just should have listen what he said but i didn't and i gotta pay the price which was ending up never playing again on a fun server and no im not being slimy that im saying its best server i've been on i feel very bad about this and asking for a forgives   ''Play stupid games Win Stupid Prizes'' ~Ungratefulsatan

Which administrator banned you: Chico2

Additional notes: I apologize for my behavior, I will never make this mistake again.