[Suggestion] Unable vehicle explosion after flipping or damage.  (Read 1670 times)
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Suggestion: unable vehicle explosion after flipping.

Why should this be added?: In vehicles pursuits, vehicle tend to flip after losing control or after a light tap/pit from the players, which causes the vehicles to blow up (GTA mechanics), and it also leads the player to lose the subject and EXP.

Anything else you'd like to add?: I would also say that ramming or applying any kind of damage to a vehicle should only disable it(and not blow it up).
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There is a similar suggestion which adding more armor to a suspect's vehicle will happen. But I do understand it does rather "stink" when you lose EXP after a chase that may last up to an hour. Perhaps if the suspect does die in any way, the player should be rewarded with at least some EXP. Disabling the vehicle if it starts on fire is not a bad idea either... :)
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I don't mind flipping. It's the blowing up part that sucks :P

I should mention that when a vehicle does catch on fire the suspect should flee. I think i made that suggestion in a previous thread.

I did add the script for this a while ago and when I asked the staff team about it the majority disagreed. I believe that the major decrease to the damage that ped's vehicle takes in the latest update is more than enough therefore I'll move this to denied suggestions.