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So this thread is to show things from our past that seem absolutely prehistoric today. It could be technology related, automotive related, sport related, or anything else you could think of.

I'm going to start us off with something wayyyy old school by today's standards.

On November 20th 1985, the Microsoft Corporation released its first operating system with a graphical user interface. Windows 1.0 however was not itself an operating system, rather it was a operating environment that ran on top of MS-DOS. To be able to enter into the Windows 1.0 environment, you first had to enter the MS-DOS command to boot the system. Then you were greeted with the Windows 1.0 interface, shown below

better then  apple ios

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The car from "Back to the Future", the real name of the car is " DeLorean DMC-12" and was manufactured by DMC from 1981-1983.
It features gull-wing doors and a body made from fiberglass.
Class: Sports car
Engine: 2,849 cc v6
Transmission: 5 speed manual; 3 speed automatic