I've been wanting to say something about this.  (Read 549 times)
About some weeks ago,i tried joining the MTA:SA server of this mod,but i noticed that a message showed up,"Lautaroluna180 something banned for harassment".
I don't know who this lautaro guy is,but apparently he was banned from the server?

And since this is that lau-whatever guy's PC i bought,i'm guessing he's been IP banned,but why does this affect me?
Please help,thank you.

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Bans are typically issued to serial identifiers issued by MTA that are computer-specific instead of IP-specific. Your computer's serial was banned for breaking rules.

Huh,that's weird...
Isn't there a way to get the IP thingy unbanned or something? If not,then i dunno...
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Could you PM me your serial so I could investigate the issue?