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1. Rappel:It would be good if the police helicopter passengers could get down by means of a rope, it would give a touch of realism and more use to air transport. In addition, the helicopter should be able to transport prisoners (preferably one)

2. Helicopter for MD/FD: I think it would be good if raindance was added for the FD / MD. In the case of firefighters, this might be able to put out fires. In the case of paramedics, it could help transport / rescue injured people. In this last example, a stretcher and a bot can be used to lower and rescue the injured person automatically, or the pilot could also stabilize the helicopter and thus lower it with the stretcher and rescue the injured.

(This could be a mod for raindance)

3. Helmets: I think it would be good if helmets were added. In addition, if both helmets and tactical vests provide resistance to bullets, they would give the game a touch of realism.

4. New Emergency Calls: I was thinking about how much fun it would be if there were emergency calls of robberies in inhabited places that allowed us to enter the houses and check them. In addition to adding more emergency calls that require the presence of all police, such as bank robberies or bomb notices. Along with the above, it would be good if the Enforcer and / or the FBI Truck were available to be able to intervene with a tactical team.

5. Being able to deliver criminals on foot.

Why should this be added?: I think I've already mentioned everything.

Anything else you'd like to add?: I'm sorry if my English is not understood very well.

 I wanted to report a couple of bugs, but the forum didn't recognize my account, so here I leave them.
1. When the information (ID) of a civilian is requested and, at the same time, an emergency call arises, the X and N keys do not respond.
2. When you try to deliver the criminals at the point of arrest, and there is a policeman sitting in the back, the criminals are not prosecuted (they are still in the vehicle)

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The vest is a cosmetic, its not going to be scripted to work like a bulletproof vest like you get from the vendor / trunk because it going to be too annoying to keep putting on armor so you can use the vest. That's the reason why it's a seperate entity

See the official 1.2.0 patch notes about the vests.

I also want to put out it would be hard to script and a rappel a stretcher from a helicopter due to limitations in-game. Rappeling from said helicopter has already been suggested also:: http://forum.sapdfr.advanced-gaming.org/index.php?topic=1251. Avoid duplicate topics next time.
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