Bone County Fire Dept. vehicle pack  (Read 1675 times)
- Bone County Fire Department -

Vehicles included:
- Dodge Ram 1500 Paramedic 100
- GMC C4500 Topkick Rescue
- Pierce Arrow XT Tower Ladder
- Seagrave Marauder II Fire Engine

- Matthias
- Yakadoshi
- Boo
- 05bowtie

I appreciate Fidogamer and Nick, they helped me with taking pictures of the vehicles, thanks!
- Pictures:
- Download:

(Tip: if the vehicles appear white or gray, type /settings and make sure you have all default vehicle shaders and skins turned OFF but if they still appear as white or gray, press 1 on your numpad, it usually helps, I don't know the cause of that.)
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Skins turned out really well. I like the yellow.

The link isnt working can you please fix :)
To Protect and to Serve the people of San Andreas Country.

these are just amazing

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New download link:

Regards - Juqu

Might want to just replace the link in post so people don't have stroll down for the new link

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