Update 1.0.21 - June 4 2017  (Read 1746 times)
    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that made players unable to get the NPCs out of their vehicles

    General Improvements

    • Prisoner transport will send NPCs instead of the player if the transport player is too far from the requester
    • Prisoner transport player will no longer be selected if said player is not in service

    New Features

    • Added ability for players to do tow truck duties - if a tow truck is requested and there's a player with tow truck in service and not too far then the player itself will be called. Tow truck players get the vehicles they need to tow marked with red flags, if they tow a vehicle that a player requested to be towed then they get 10 exp points + 35 if the vehicle itself was marked as illegal (ALPR hit or was in pursuit). In addition, tow truck players can tow ALPR marked vehicles by theirselves without taking player requests, in that case they only get 35 exp or 0 exp if the vehicle itself wasn't marked. Be careful, if you tow an officer vehicle you get -15 exp as a punishment! Make sure you're in service if you want to recieve tow truck requests from players.