Get Rid of Being Able to Drive Transport  (Read 459 times)
People always drive the transport van mainly when the server is really busy and in reality its stealing players arrests. Can not enjoy a good street brawl after calling for transport and guess what? Someone comes and practically steals multiple arrests cause there driving the transport van. It's also stealing arrest and making it hard for cadets to level and people driving 2 door vehicles. I think this is a very good suggestion and should be considered. Thanks Waitea15

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I kinda like this idea but maybe retain the vehicle itself as a regular patrol unit since I prefer using the van for other uses.

Tho we did suggest to have a new transport system in this thread where transporters can accept or deny requests from other players.

Yeah I was thinking about that as well cause yeah the transport is cool but it takes peoples arrest if its in service taking request for pick up

Request that this be added to accepted suggestions because it has been accepted.

locked and accepted.