NOTICE: No update this week  (Read 421 times)
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Hello dear members,

We would like to sincerely apologize due to no weekly update being released this week. I've moved onto a new work place that I'm still adjusting to and which requires a lot of heavy lifting and such. Due to this I've barely access the PC this week which is something you guys could have possibly noticed by the fact that I wasn't even active on both the forums and the Discord.

So, for that, we would like to apologize, the update itself has been re scheduled to the next Saturday and hopefully weekly updates will continue, Tosfera and I both agreed that we will discuss how we're going to do the future updates this week as there may be a possibility of him doing both MTA and GTA:V but we're still unsure on how my work schedule will be in the future.

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I know @Tosfera is pretty protective of his scripts (I can't blame him at all), but that being said, when it comes to investigating bugs and trying to find a fix for them, I would like to offer some help. I know stability and security of the scripts is a serious concern, so I totally get being protective, but for smaller things like that I hope he will at least consider it for in the (more than like very far) future. It might be good to have a second set of eyes checking for bugs/scripting errors (even if theres no capability whatsoever for me to edit them, which I would totally reccommend and expect) just being able to go over them, and make sure they are bug free might be useful

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Most current information reference any future updates is available on Discord. Please do NOT ask in the shout box or create new threads about it.