New youtube channel for SAPDFR and gaming  (Read 673 times)
So some of you have already seen the below video (most views are on the version without the intro :/). But for my sanity, and to keep the videos better organized, from now on, any videos related to SAPDFRonline, or gaming in general (including potential SWAT 4 videos) that I make, will be uploaded to my new channel, Unit444gaming. So if you want to get updates on any new videos I upload, be sure to subscribe to the new channel


SWAT 4 videos? I love that game. Do you have Elite Force mod? Totally recommend, it's awesome (link:

No I don't have the elite forces mod. I do have Sherrifs Special Forces mod tho

On another note, New video being uploaded as we speak. be sure to check out the channel in a little while