2017 Strathroy-Caradoc International Emergency Response Day  (Read 351 times)
Today I went to the Strathroy-Caradoc International Emergency Response Day. They had a lot of really cool emergency vehicles from Canada, and a couple from the US. I managed to get a few pictures  Its hard when you got all sorts of people walking around, and the one thing I was trying to avoid above all else was getting kids in the pictures, so as much as I would have loved to take even more picutres, I just wasn't able to.  Let me know what you guys think of the pictures

PS: I know the date stamp on the pictures are completely wrong. I took the battereis out of my digital camera last night to charge them, so the date/time settings got reset, so please ignore that

and yes @SCPD I did get to go inside the West Region Mobile Support truck. It was awesome