Update 1.0.18 - April 29 2017  (Read 666 times)
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed players sometimes not being able to take peds out of their vehicles after a pursuit
  • Fixed requesting towtrucks not triggering a message towards dispatch from the player
  • Fixed suspects getting another blip created after killing somebody which resulted in the red blips staying until server refreshes
  • Fixed settings menu not appearing after server restarts

General Improvements

  • Added the anti unit spam to towtrucks
  • Adjusted server refresh to automatically kick players out of their vehicles when there's 10 seconds left to decrease the amount of client crashes
  • Server refresh will now happen every 2 hours instead of every hour
  • Adjusted Street Brawl peds to attack officers after (if) they kill their target to make the callout a little more challenging
  • Street Brawl callout will no longer send a radio message about a homicide if one of them killed someone to prevent the central spam

New Features

  • Added spikestrips item, you can get it at the officer vendors. It does not hit officer's tires to prevent abuse of the system as well as it only limits you to creating one spikestrips until it's deleted. They are automatically deleted after 1 minute. This script may be adjusted in the future if there are issues found or if someone manages to abuse it
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Hotfix uploaded:

  • Fixed the double blip bug happening on pursuit subjects as well