Update 1.0.15 - April 8 2017  (Read 384 times)
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed street brawl peds data not being set as well as their walking style

General Improvements

  • Changed default walking style to normal male ped one (accidentally placed 100% CJ muscles instead of this one in the previous update)
  • Made backup blips appear on the minimap
  • Added parked vehicles around Montgomery
  • Improved AI's turning at intersections
  • Added fences onto Tierra Robada bridge to prevent NPCs falling down (thanks @Nick for the map)
  • Added /fixvehicle (alt: /fixveh) for Administrators, this allows them to fix vehicles without having to use admin panel
  • Added /ann for Administrators - it sends an announcement to the server
  • Added /tip for Helpers - sends a tip that they write to the server
  • Increased time before detain markers are deleted by 1.6 minutes
  • Added a new and better looking corona shader
  • Added donator chat
  • Donator tags are now seperated into Bronze, Silver & Gold instead of "Level 1", "Level 2", "Level 3", in addition all of the levels have different colors on the tag
  • Added Rule 14 to the F9 rules menu
  • Adjusted the streaming check for parked vehicles, should give less cases of vehicles in the air (modded vehicles will still most likely cause issues tho)
  • Added 1 more possible location for the street brawl (Blueberry road)

New Features

  • Added ability for Manager+ to reset account's password
  • Added /changepassword (alternative: /changepw) which allows you to change your password while in game
  • Added a new skin for Commander & Undersheriff, big thanks to @JuanTwoThree for the skin .txd.
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