Suggest donation features by replying here  (Read 1076 times)
Have an awesome idea on what we could do to help us attract donators? Reply here with it explained in details and we'll see what we can do about it.

Do note that the donation features may not be in any form pay 2 win and give donators any advantages over other players.

One thing that might be cool is a separate "Donator" chat in game. That way donators can chat amongst themselves without clogging up global.

Another thing that could be a possibility is for donators, the option to have a live police radio stream from the following:

California Highway Patrol Los Angeles and Orange Counties:
California Highway Patrol West Valley Division:
LAPD Aero and Special Unit Dispatch / Hot shots / Code 3
Burbank / Glendale Police, Fire and Area LAPD Dispatch

Donator chat added in 1.0.15, not really sure about the radio sounds tho tbh.

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not really sure about the radio sounds tho tbh.

Yeah I don't give a shit about what some department 2,000 miles away is doing. If anything I'd turn on a local radio in Chrome and even that's a bit of a stretch for me.

I'll up the ante a bit by saying anyone who donates $25+ would get a custom police car mod from me BUT TALK TO ME FIRST as not all models are free to edit ("locked") and I may be busy with life or simply unable to complete the request (if there's no existing 3d model or there's one that needs converting but is 150k+ polies I do not have the skill to make a 3d model or lower polycount to a reasonable amount). Again TALK TO ME BEFORE DONATING if this is something you are interested in. On a side note I will be busy with college and life for the next few weeks so this will not be an option until May.

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Maybe exclusive vehicle? Such as Infernus, NRG, etc. Or maybe exclusive In-game Weapons? Like Spaz-12, Uzi, etc?

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Maybe a custom clan. For ex if he donates 5$ he can get a special section on the forum for his clan and also in game a special vehicle or skin.

Vehicle skins or player skins

Vehicle TEXTURES, not mods. Add the possibility of adding a vehicle texture (with a manager permission to maintain realism)