[Player Report - #0287] Nogsiz saying the N word and killing civs.  (Read 240 times)
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Username: Ricky

Username of player you are reporting: Nogsiz

Date  of offense: Answer here. 19:45 31.1.2019

Which rule(s) did the offender break: Killing civs and saying the N word

Which punishment do you believe is fair for the offender: Probably a week ban

Proof of offender breaking the rule(s) (Video/Screenshots/Logs): https://imgur.com/a/1vwTIYe

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Using the so-called 'n-word' is not against our rules. We don't know the gender, race or location from a person in order to handle these kinds of things.  All I can see in the screenshots are provoking methods from your side, trying to make him act more as he does. For that, I'm forced to give you a warning. If someone is violating our rules, you should take the screenshot and/or video, report the player on the forums and prevent any further contact with that person what so ever.

User will not be punished for this.