Special walking styles to players?

2 (18.2%)
1 (9.1%)
Yes but with /cj command added.
8 (72.7%)

Total Members Voted: 11

Special Walking Style?  (Read 583 times)
Alright, I was suggested by two people already about setting ped walking styles therefore I figured I'd see what the community thinks of it.

Shall we use non CJ walking style for all peds? Naturally this would also mean that all of the peds would be set to walking styles as well when evading on foot to avoid any issues with them being too fast for players, etc.

In addition, we can also make a command /cj which would set your walking style back to CJ's in case you're not into these slow walking styles.


- Ability to run with weapons
- Walking styles would match skin mods more (especially female skins)


- Running would be somewhat slower

Answer the poll and post your thoughts about this below by replying.

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/cj command is a good choice for a choice of arcade or realism feel of movement (like in driving games handling)

i would like it in non cj style you can also jump (bunnyhop) to catch up a bit like we do in samp.
i voted with cj command
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I'd also like to note that the reason to this question is that @Investor has made a rather neat female deputy sheriff skin that will be a part of the 1.0.14 update and it looks the best with the walking style activated:

I will vote yes with /cj command, in case a player doesn't like those walk styles.

More than enough votes and opinions gathered, thanks to everybody that voted and / or left their comment.