Post some images of your Local PD patrol cars  (Read 3824 times)

Dutch police helicopter Zulu
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Dutch police helicopter Zulu

Airbus Eurocopter EC145 :) Noice!

Polish motorcycle traffic division catching speeders near my house :P

And here's some bonus non-police stuff that I managed to get pics of while driving. When you're on your way to the battlefield but your fuel is low 8)

Alright, time for some latvian cars, eh?

and yeah i had to post this

and here i am with russian police

in this pics we can see VAZ (Lada) 2115, one of main cruisers

here's we can see our analogue of Chevy Tahoe or Ford Explorer - UAZ 3151 Hunter

VAZ (Lada) 2170 Priora, slightly newer than 2115

newest police car, VAZ (Lada) 2190 Granta

and replacement for UAZ 3151 - UAZ 3163 Patriot

that's not every police car from my city but almost every one of them I see on the streets of my greatest city

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