Make stealing civilian vehicles against the rules?

5 (83.3%)
1 (16.7%)

Total Members Voted: 6

Make stealing civilian vehicles against the rules?  (Read 592 times)
Due to a decent amount of people complaining about this issue I figured I'd make a public vote on what you guys wish.

Question is simple, shall we make stealing civilian vehicles against the rules or not?

Please vote on the poll and state your opinions by replying, thanks.

I think this rule should be generally enforced. After all SAPDFR focuses on law enforcement, it's not your "typical" role playing server - officers shouldn't drive civilian cars. However there should be few exceptions, for example: if someone looses his squad car and there's no one nearby to pick him up he should be allowed to "borrow" civilian car. I realise we have /spawn command but I think there's nothing wrong with riding civilian car from time to time just to get back to station. Also another valid point is the situation where we would like to create a pursuit with a human player running. I know this server focuses on AI based gameplay but human vs human interaction would add some variety and more challenge. Well that's my opinion, I'm curious about other people :)

Ruins the whole aspect of being a police simulator, think the rule should be added.

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We had previously made bans before on players stealing player vehicles but we never realize this rule was not added before...

Anyways if its under the acts of trolling then it should be enforced. However if its trying to move a vehicle to the side of the road type of stuff then that can be ignored.

I'ma vote yes with the exception of moving vehicles over to the side.

I'm gonna vote yes, i think it should be added. Stealing civilian cars just ruins the game especially when cadets do it to avoid their slow vehicles, anyways they aren't supposed to drive cars yet.
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Added as rule #13, thanks to everyone that voted.