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Username: Xmrmaxx.

Date of ban: 08/31/2018. (About this date)

Reason for ban: Annoying staff in the support chat in the discord  .

Duration of ban: Permanent.

Why do you believe you need a second chance (50 words minimum): First Things First since four months have passed i learned my lesson that i should not annoy staff any more second things second i got banned in the discord for doing this and the ban was permanent by Tosfera third things third i really want to try the new Fire Brigade update i hope to test it out I promise it will change the things that i did in the past i was a stupid kid but now i have good contact with other good people and MTA is now boring and there is no taste for it since i got banned i hope you understand me and iam very sorry for what i did in the past.

Which administrator banned you: Tosfera.

Additional notes: i learned my lesson for not annoying staff again and if i did any thing wrong after i get unbanned i wish to get black list becuse i will never do any thing bad or wrong again iam writing my third appeal and sorry if there is any bad grammer iam still learning english.

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sorry if i didn't wait the required time but i wish to play again is sapd:fr

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Ban appeal DECLINED and forum account has been BANNED.

After a thorough check into the database as well as cross-referencing your information with a different account, I have come to the conclusion to permanently ban and blacklist you from the community again. You registered a second account (this account) under a different name and changed your PC/ISP information after you got your first verdict from Tosfera - http://forum.sapdfr.advanced-gaming.org/index.php?topic=1387.0 - in hopes that you could get away with ban evasion.

Do not bother coming back a third time.
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