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after what I've seen happen with nolimt6969us I propose exactly what is said in the title. Access to an admin 24/7 or the ability to type /admin and have an alert sent to an admins email. Not everyone is able to properly report players bc whenever we try to upload photos to the fourm they never go through. now I know what will be said "make an imgur account and upload there then link it" well, the simple fact is that not everyone wants to create an account on a whole different website just to be able to play a simple game. "make a YT video and link it" again, not everyone 1.has a YT 2.wants to be bothered to upload a video for such a small reason. I've seen people get away with much more than what nolimt did/didn't do and to this day they are still allowed in the server. it is ultimately the admins job to run the server, not the players. it's the same with any business/structured environment, it is the managers job's to run the store, not the customers, provide one sided judgement's and make the store a bad environment and no one will want to come there and will take their business elsewhere. so now, just because he couldn't provide "proof" he gets a ban and an unfair shake (on a first offense, after no one even told him the rules) and yet the people that did the harassment get to come back to the server scott free? that's....really something. and if this keeps up, you guys face the possibility of losing a lot of players. sorry if this sounds like I have an attitude but I've watched a lot of bs go on and I've sat idly by and said nothing. E.X: once I was in the server with nick and the player deez_nuts was in the server being vulgar and saying things that personally I found to be disruptive and offensive and when I asked nick to do something I was told he wasn't breaking any rules (ya know, like rule 4) and there was nothing that could be done, this forced me to quit the server and kill my enjoyment for the day. and he had already had multiple typed warnings and received no ban/disciplinary action. I mean yes, he is banned now, after the fact, but at the time he was not banned and was allowed to go on ruining other players time on the server. and yet my friend gets 2 day ban for simple caps, on a first offense after no one even bothered to tell him the rules? and now it makes me look like a fool because I sat here and told him that this is a great server filled with great people and the first thing that happens is he gets harassed and then banned? that's just simply not right. so all in all we need an admin actually in the game to see the situations first hand instead of relying on 'he say' 'she say' information. again sorry if it sounds like I have an attitude but I just can't sit idly by and bite my tongue anymore.

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As far as we are trying our best to get the server running and helping the players as best as we can, you do need to understand that moderators and admins do have their own personal lives as well and can't guarantee a 24 hr access. That why I try to check the server periodically as much as possible and go afk since I have alot of university materials and assignments to get done first. Same with Blast3r trying to update the server weekly by coding everyday, Nick and Mafia having their own personal things to do, and Tosfera working on v1.1. At this stage its one of the reasons why we are currently hiring more moderators to deal with this situation to make up the coverage of no moderators. Similar to a store manager he also has other things to do and can't sit at the counter 24/7.

We also can't ban all willy-nilly either. At this point screenshots and video proof is the best way for use to have valid reasons to give out infractions (you also don't need an account to upload photos to imgur).

While we understand it is frustrating to deal with player reports, the staff are currently trying their best to deal with all matters. Trust me after being moderator for the older FRMP server dealing reports is not that simple for us to handle at a rapid pace.

We're not going to stress our moderators in being forced to respond to everything 24/7 because as I already told you, moderators have personal lives to attend which mainly concludes their schools & their works. I'm not going make them put a game as priority over their work / school / private life nor will we force them to have to respond to you guys 24/7 as they could as well be resting by playing other games or so just like you guys tend to play from time to time.

New moderators will be hired soon and coverage in terms of in game moderation will be higher.

As for the imgur, you don't need to create an account there and it's completely advertisements free. If posting a simple image to imgur is too hard for you (litteraly drag & drop for upload) then have fun dealing with the rule breakers is all I'm going to say.

Edit: I just read your "managers job to run a store" etc. Managers get paid for it, moderators don't. Learn the difference.

Topic will be locked in 24 hours and moved to denied suggestions, until then feel free to discuss it but don't expect a different outcome in terms of my answer on this case.
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I'd like to add that if you feel any action that SCPD or I take (or decide not to take) was inappropriate, please contact administration with some proof and that can be resolved in normal channels rather than just blasting me out in public on how I interpreted a rule.

I am on when I can be (hence why all my ranks are maxed) but as said by both SCPD and Blast3r, we have lives outside of the server. In case you are curious, I go to college full time (this is my last semester so I have to put in a shit ton of work), am currently transitioning jobs, have duties with other organizations (will not discuss here as this is not the place), have to put up with my own personal bullshit, and try to sleep in between that.

I'd also like to reiterate what SCPD and Blast3r said reference reporting - unfortunately, as you do not pay us a salary, we cannot guarantee being on a ridiculous amount or at ridiculous times. I am usually able to cover a few hours at least 4 days a week between 10 PM - 4 AM CST, which in of itself could be considered ridiculous, but since I'm a night owl, I have no problem doing that when I don't have other shit to do. Like schoolwork, studying, other communities' obligations, or just trying to keep myself from going crazy. The other staff we have generally are on more during the day time in their time zone and admittedly I do not know what exactly that looks like for me.

Please let me know if you would like to discuss further


Hold up, I just gathered more time and actually read to the end. Now there's one part that really bothers me.. "Banned because he simply used caps". I'm sorry but you need to get informed on that matter:

[2017-02-06 10:27:18] [Output] : [Global - Unit 435] Nolimt6969us: FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT DOESNT EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH
[2017-02-06 10:27:37] [Output] : [Global - Unit 435] Nolimt6969us: GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME OR ILL BLOW UP YOUR CAR
[2017-02-06 10:28:31] [Output] : [Global - Unit 435] Nolimt6969us: dont be a piece of shit or you can get reported too
[2017-02-06 10:30:38] [Output] : [Global - Unit 435] Nolimt6969us: greenops. you really wanna walk this road?
[2017-02-06 10:32:41] [Output] : [Global - Unit 435] Nolimt6969us: d1c1 keep laughing. we'll see how funny it is when your hit with blu flu

Multiple insults for that matter, if it was only caps I couldn't care less and wouldn't go on with the ban, however repetitive insults, as I previously stated, are a no go even if player was provoked to it.