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A: Because SCPD likes potatoes
Q: Does Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. blink or wink?

A: Dunno.

Q: Why does SCPD call me a random person instead of an illegal alien?
I'm Bob Marley' s relative.

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Same reason he calls me "Nicky." He's not even dating me

Why is the Flint County Sheriff's Office labeled after its primary city, Angel Pine, but Bone County Sheriff's Office is named after the county, not its primary city (Fort Carson)? @Blast3r ?? ANSWER ME

A. Because we are different.

Q; Why won't anyone ride a motorbike?
I'm Bob Marley' s relative.

A: Because they are used to ride something else.

Q: Do you need a silencer, if you are going to shoot a mime?

A: Yes in case there are witnesses

Q: Why don't chicken breasts have nipples?

A. Because they don't produce milk.

Q. Why am I here?
I'm Bob Marley' s relative.

A: This is what we do when we're off duty and why not?

Q: Where did the EMTS learn to drive anyways in SAPDFR?

A: A clown college.

Q: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

A: None

Q: Why is the LVPD cruiser considered as a Sheriff car?

A. Because we have only those choices for a Sherriff car with the regular model.\

Q. What's your most favorite song?
I'm Bob Marley' s relative.


Q: Why do we like memes?

A. Because it's so funny.

Q. Why are you here?
I'm Bob Marley' s relative.

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A: To whom did you asked? :P
Q: Why tf cops always love to eat donuts than other sugary food like candies or maybe chocolate bars? Or maybe even a meal?
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What is the longest word in the dictionary?