[Sugestion] Missing person callout/search for person with warrant in the area  (Read 600 times)
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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA
Suggestion: Missing person callout.It would be like that: you get a callout to missing person/warrant person with information about subject(sex,race,possible clothing).That person is not spotted on your radar or map of course,but central provided information in which area you must search for that person and/or the area is marked on radar and map with simple green square just as when you use /patrol command.It could be other color aswell,even better.

Why should this be added?: It could add immersion and standoff from typical pursuits and shootouts actions.Missing/warrant person callouts could differ from being an easy task in countryside,for example in forest/field,when you see only that missing person somewhere in the distance,or could be a hard job to complete in central cities with lot of people walking by and lots of tricky places/corners for subjects to hide.

Anything else you'd like to add? I like donuts.Sorry,had to say that. :-[

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Its a great idea.I think it should get added.

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