[Suggestion] A new command to flip your car  (Read 301 times)
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Suggestion: A command or button to to flip your car

Why should this be added?: As a example. If you are in mid pursuit and you hit something. There is a great chance that you'll flip the vehicle. Not only you'll miss out on some nice EXP, but personally thats makes me ragequit sometimes. If you can flip your vehicle in a way, you can continue with the pursuit and rankup faster.

Anything else you'd like to add?: Nope
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Yes! Please!

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No. I don't think is a good ideea. Is not an RP server but still some realism is not that bad. Don't hit things :D. with the update where npc cars have no collisions for few seconds you have no reason to say that a car spawned in front of you or so.