[Event - 8/9/2018] - Los Santos Destruction Derby  (Read 249 times)
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Los Santos Destruction Derby
September 8, Saturday, 21:20 GMT+2

Ran By: Chaossy

This weekend we will do a destruction derby! I will pre-pick the cars you will drive and you will try to ram people until they explode. Or in this case, ram people until they explode or into the waters below. We will be doing three of these events this Saturday, as these pretty quickly done.

If you would like to participate, meet up at the front of the Santa Maria Beach safehouse this Saturday (September 8 ) at 21:20 GMT+2.

EXP prizes:

Total amount possible: 300 EXP
First place: 100 EXP
Second place: 50 EXP
Third place: 25 EXP

Hope to see you there,

Advanced Gaming Event Organization Team